04 October, 2015

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22 April, 2015

The Fermi Paradox - Where is everybody?

Below are a few prediction resulting from the assumption that human sort/typ of Intelligence is not the final word in evolution. Most humans agree with this/my assumtion but, on the other hand, imagine our future forgeting to take this simple idea into account. I do. And over the years came to a few conclusions: Startrek movie like space ships will remain just that - a movie. Humans visiting (in person) other solar system will never happen. (Never mind colonizing the galaxy). 
Most people (some really clever ones too) try to solve this (future) problem (let's say 22 century) with past thinking methodes (20th century or 19th or 16th for that matter). WTF
Here are some predictions I make regarding the Fermi paradox:
1. The universe as we known it is teaming with life (as we know it). Life arises all over and whenever a handful of basic conditions are met. 
2. After life arises, Intelligent life is a given and not a special case. 
3. Evolution by natural selection is UNIVERSAL! 
3. Civilization(s)  will arise when Intelligence has reached a certain level. 
4. Because of the astronomical distances involved (time and space) and the exponential increase in development, just about all civilizations will proceed to some next level before they are able to notice one another. From their point of view, when a civilization is at about our level of development, the universe seems to be there "just for them".

    Further comments:

How do you know that evolution is random? What do you define as random? Mind you, actually just the opposite seem to be true! I know, all this is mind bending stuff but: Things may seem random at first sight yet on closer inspection you'll find some underlying law which is followed without exception! Just because a civilization is not advanced enough to see or understand the law, does not necessarily mean that "things just happen for the sake of God". Fact remains - no one on Earth knows where evolution is heading or why exactly is it heading in a particular direcfion or if there is a direction at all. We have to go by what little facts we have. And so far intelligence seems to stand out. Now, intelligence itself can be advanced by intelligence which in turn will advance even more. This fact is a game changer. A huge one ! Eventually the ever increasing rate of change will make time irrelevant. Think about this. Or at least try to. I battle with this thoughts for years. If Plank's constant is reached then the world we know stops in its tracks! Such a developed/advanced civilization does not give a damn about space and time and matter and energy and Darwinian evolution and what have you. 70% of the Universum we live in is made out of something we can not even fathom what it is. We don't have a clue why we exist or where the universe (or we) are comming from or heading to. We don't even thruly undetstand this questions, never mind answer them. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Andrei Ioan Danaila:
The question he asked is why do that? We are clearly unable to do interstellar missions, it is probable that for a civilization to be able to start such missions it would reach a level of control over its own planet before, so it would have perfect conditions there.
If you send out a mission to a planet 400 light years away it will take you to travel between more than 800 years. Why go on a mission that is very unsafe, that would cut your communication with home? It is possible that in the absence of speeds much greater than the speed of light the justification would just not be there. Look at humans, if someone has all the conditions to leave a safe, carefree life they end up not risking that. Why would any other civilization be different.
It is possible that this would be the Great Filter. A civilization should be able to master efficient interstellar travel before it is able to make its home system too comfortable and then never have motivation to travel away from it

You are right. The "Great Filter" is still ahead of us but I don't think you are right regarding to what this filter may be. I personally think that the exponential development in intelligence constitutes the "Great Filter"! Don't be hasty with your reply! Think a second or two what exactly am I saying. Think about what makes us 'human'. What makes us 'special'. What intelligence is. What does it mean for a civilization to be able to 'artificially' increase its own intelligence and not wait eons for nature to do its evolution by selection thing. What would that sudden increase in intelligence do to the speed of development of such a civilization? I know, it is mind bending to even think about it. But give it a try and then post your reply in here. 

I was ready to reply right away... because the first thing you said was "I don't think you are right regarding to what this filter may be." My original point... though supported with anecdotal ideas, is... Why is the speed of light A great filter, not THE great filter.
Taking my time, I have no doubt believing that civilizations could wipe themselves out, or explore the galaxy when they develop AI and instruct that AI to make itself smarter. But this is just A great filter, too. Not necessary THE great filter.

"Developing" intelligence is a runaway kind of thing! You can not give instructions or have any say into what's going to happen. At the very very very . . . beginning, human intelligence (i.e. us humans) might have some influence (if any) but that's it. Soon thereafter everything becomes irrelevant.(time and space and our entire world/universe) Even Allah or God or Buddha or the mighty devil, won't be able to do a thing about it. It's GAME OVER. THE END. Rules and Laws made by a lesser intelligence DO NOT apply to a higher intelligence. Resistance is futile. Mind thou, one cannot even talk about resistance. Resistance to what? There is no opponent on the other side! It took me years of 'mind bending' to figure all this out. Even if your IQ is higher than mine, I cannot and will not expect you to grasp the idea in mere minutes or hours or even days. I am very happy that Hawking finally 'gave in' and in December last year went public.(http://www.bbc.com/news/techno... ) On the other hand, I doubt the public as such understood what he was on about. Never mind grasping the idea, understanding the implications of an ever accelerating increase in intelligence. This is the GREAT FILTER you are looking for!

The great filter, if it is still ahead of us, must be not to far ahead.Once we are capable of replicating equipment and resources in space, we have passed the great filter. We only need a small group of people in small, with enough genetic material to grown others from and we have "made it".If we can make it in space by mining asteroids, then finding a planet and tunneling into it will be much easier that space.

I agree with your first sentence, bar the word 'if' :-) As for the second sentence . . . to whom are you referring to as "we"? If you mean us humans than you are only partially correct. Let me ask you one simple question: Who did design the microprocessor in the computer you are using to read this very message? If you say - us humans, you are not entirely correct. No human brain can keep count of all the billions of connections which form the above mentioned microchip. My point is, as time goes by and the very adaptable and dynamic Artificial Intelligence, will replace more and more the non-developing (almost static) Human Intelligence. Obviously, at some future point the static intelligence will become completely irrelevant. If you grasp this simple idea than you'll realize why no aliens colonized the galaxy and why Star Trek will remain just that - a movie for all eternity. Actually it is a sad realization because I love Star Trek :-(


Ok. Let's check some sobering facts: Even if the nearest star system has a civilization as advanced as ours, there is no way (NO WAY) of knowing about it. Even among the closest neighbours, the distances involved are thruly enormous by human (size) standards! On the other hand, the best radio receivers are just about able to receive a radio signal from about 1ly away. The nearest star system is more than 4x further than that :( Yes, we transmit into space for 100years or so but most radio waves get beamed right back to earth (by the atmosphere) and the ones which make it thru barely reach the moon (unless they are tightly focused). We got used to seeing pictures from Mars and even as far away as Pluto but unless you are into data transmission over huge distances, you have absolutely NO CLUE what goes into it to make it work. See it as a miracle and leave it there. 
The other issue is, the ever increasing speed at which a civilization advances. Because of scientific advancement is building on it self (future advancement is laid on previous fundations), the entire technological evolution and advance, is exponential. At our level of development this is insignificant and most people (some realy clever scientists included), fail to realize the future impact such a development process will have. But in another 50 to 100 years the situation will be different. Much different. Vastly different. Exponential functions are extremely difficult to see/notice unless you have a glimpse of the inflection point! This type of development sets a upper limit to any civilization trying to contact another by electro-magnetic waves. (The lower limit is set by the discovery of the waves themselves). What I am saying is, in reality there is a very short "window of opportunity" when two close civilizations can "see" each other. Actually, it might very well turn out that the window is non existent at all! In other words, the inflection point of the exponential curve exists before the technology is suficiently advanced to make comunication possible. (And this scenario is the one I put my money on). Therefore one can say: The universe is teaming with (intelligent) life yet we are absolutely allone - for all eternity.

14 March, 2015

Pics from my work

2015-02-11 European Storks
The European Stork eating insects on a freshly burned field.

2015-03-14 Mario Witekleibosh
Me in front of the base of one of the 3.4KW wind turbines.

26 September, 2014

Golden Gate Wildlife Sanctuary

Here are two panoramic pics taken and stitched with my fairly old Nikon P520 bridge camera:


Golden Gate 2


Golden Gate Panorama picture