15 January, 2013

A few pics from our Buffels Bay vacation

The vacation was not long. The school start tomorrow and we had to be back in time (sadly) Nevertheless we all had a stunning time :-)

Paramotoring - Brenton on See and Knysna lake in the background.

All the houses there is in Buffel's Bay.

Looking West from above 'The Heads'. Brenton on See to the right and Buffel's Bay.

Buffel's bay river mouth - almost closed.

Waiting for lunch. 

All the nieces.

 Michael on the Buffalo river.

 My self and Marina on the Buffalo river.

Michael working out the steering.

09 January, 2013

Best in flight pic of myself :-)

While flying between Kabeljous lagoon and Gamtoos river mouth, Bastjan (fellow pilot) took this stunning pic with his cell phone! Believe it or not, this is one of a handful of pics I have of myself paramotoring. Tx Bastjan, it was a pleasure flying with you.

06 January, 2013

A few pics from my last flight to Gamtoos river mouth

Bastjan (now a friend of mine) came down to the coast for a visit. After a few cell phone messages, we linked up and went for two nice flights around Jeffrey's Bay.
(All this pics are Geotagged - in case you know what that is and want to see in GoogleEarth where exactly I did take them.)

Flying back to Kabeljous from Gamtoos mouth.

See, dunes and Bastjan :-)

At Gamtoos mouth (just behind me) and looking at horses on the beach.

I and Bastjan packing up. What a day.