29 November, 2011

How many of you use Windows Live Writer ?

A few days ago I have installed Windows Home and Student 2010 on my PC. I was surprised to see it comes with a blog writer application. They call it “Windows Live Writer”. It is rather nice but really, how many people actually use it to publish on their blogs?

Nokia N8 in action.

27 November, 2011

A few more pics from Buffel's-Bay

Buffel's Bay - Main beach and parking area.

 Daddy and Emi canoeing on Buffel's River.

Our last day was rained out. Yet the N8's camera did a rather good job at taking this final pic.

26 November, 2011

Another Buffels Bay pic.

Just have a look at Google earth and at my picture. Technology is wonderfull. One can sit all his life at home yet still see the whole world !

Buffels Bay beach.

The picture quality of my old Nokia n8, never stops to surprise me. Over the years I've learned a few things about pictures and cameras however, on many a occasion I find it difficult to see which picture has been taken with my canon and which with the cellphone :-) Thank God there is such thing as a exif data in a Jpeg picture. And yes, all the cell pics are geotagged. (use Picasa and have Google earth installed)

Weekend outing.

Finally, I made some time and took the family out for a well deserved weekend. We decided not to drive more then 2h and to go to some place we already know. After all, one weekend is to short to figure out a new surrounding. After a short deliberation we all decided to go to Buffels bay.

18 November, 2011

Murder suspects at the court.

Is sad to hear of 7 year old children been murdered in Jesus's name. The police man in the small picture at the left is none other then myself :) I only hope the suspects will be found guilty and will rot in jail.

13 November, 2011

Went Paramotoring on Saturday.

My friends house in a nearby valley. 

Impofu Dam from 2Km NE and 300m up.

On Saturday afternoon I had a quick (1Hour) paramotor flight. My wife went to a friend's birthday and I was supposed to fix the roof. Guess what, as soon as she left, I left too. And no, I did not go up on the roof - I went somewhat higher, much higher :-) 
The takeoff was a bit dodgy due to my chronic unfitness. Once in the air I realized the speed bar was still locked behind the leg straps. I guess I was to keen (hasty) to get up. I wanted to fly to the Impofu dam for a picture session but the wind was coming directly from the said dam, which meant I reeeeally needed that speed bar. To deploy it though, I had to undue my leg straps. Not a wise move considering the air was a bit rough at times. However, all went well and on half bar I was doing about 28-30Km/h against the wind. At that speed I will be at the said dam, in 20 or so minutes. The Impofu dam is only 10Km from my TO. However, the closer I got to it, the stronger the wind got (and rough). I did not want to push my luck twice on the same flight and about 2KM from the dam I decided to get out of there. I flew to a friend's house where the air was much calmer (and warmer). After that I got low over a nearby wildlife sanctuary where I saw some bush buck. A pity the camera's battery did not hold up. Never the less, a nice 1hour flight. And yeah, it was much better then fixing the roof :-)
P.S. The landing was much better then the takeoff.