26 November, 2011

Another Buffels Bay pic.

Just have a look at Google earth and at my picture. Technology is wonderfull. One can sit all his life at home yet still see the whole world !

Buffels Bay beach.

The picture quality of my old Nokia n8, never stops to surprise me. Over the years I've learned a few things about pictures and cameras however, on many a occasion I find it difficult to see which picture has been taken with my canon and which with the cellphone :-) Thank God there is such thing as a exif data in a Jpeg picture. And yes, all the cell pics are geotagged. (use Picasa and have Google earth installed)

Weekend outing.

Finally, I made some time and took the family out for a well deserved weekend. We decided not to drive more then 2h and to go to some place we already know. After all, one weekend is to short to figure out a new surrounding. After a short deliberation we all decided to go to Buffels bay.