17 March, 2013

Pano Spherical pic taken with my old Nokia N8 cell

2013-03-02 Bucharest Palace 8000 x 4000
Download viewing program and a few other pics at http://sdrv.ms/ZAKtVG 

I and my uncle going up the Mountain :-)

Ha Ha, the title rimes a bit. I remember very well the day I took this picture. Uncle Dan and I decided to go up the mountain to a forest house he has up there. It was damn cold but not freezing. At first we walked slowly thru a narrow valley but later we had to cut a new trail thru the snow. it was nice but tiring. Fortunately my uncle knows the place very well and he carried most of the stuff. Not bad for a 70+ year old man. Tx for a nice day uncle Dan.

2013-02-23 In the snow