23 March, 2013

Spherical picture of my home town.

Jeffreysbay Main Beach 2013-03-23

Once again I made this spherical picture with my Nokia cellphone. It shows the main beach of Jeffrey’s Bay. The weather was cloudy and it was very windy. Nevertheless, the panorama pic came out rather nice.

17 March, 2013

Pano Spherical pic taken with my old Nokia N8 cell

2013-03-02 Bucharest Palace 8000 x 4000
Download viewing program and a few other pics at http://sdrv.ms/ZAKtVG 

I and my uncle going up the Mountain :-)

Ha Ha, the title rimes a bit. I remember very well the day I took this picture. Uncle Dan and I decided to go up the mountain to a forest house he has up there. It was damn cold but not freezing. At first we walked slowly thru a narrow valley but later we had to cut a new trail thru the snow. it was nice but tiring. Fortunately my uncle knows the place very well and he carried most of the stuff. Not bad for a 70+ year old man. Tx for a nice day uncle Dan.

2013-02-23 In the snow