18 December, 2012

My first Paramotor flight . . . after a long break.

Yesterday I went to the Kabeljous lagoon, to fly with my paramotor. I use to fly it fairly regularly, until I had a smallish stroke about 7 months ago and got grounded :-( 
This time around I had a flight plan and sticked to it. Usually I fly without a flight plan (bad habit).  I took of and flew down the beach in a Southerly direction until I arrived in St.Francis Bay where I took a few shots of the recently burned houses. Then I flew back to Kabeljous for a nice landing. A 40 Km round trip. It was a bit turbulent but not enough to spoil the day :-)

Do you notice the fire damage? Somewhere on this blog is a earlier picture of the same location. If I stumble upon it i will post it again for comparison. What a sad image :-(

08 December, 2012

Kwagga dam outing.

What to do on a Saturday? I for one, ended up at our local dam where we had a nice barbeque with a few friends. What a day.

On the way to the dam wall.

The Kwagga dam wall overflowing as of 2012-12-08

Closeup of the dam wall.

Kwagga dam just above the wall.

02 December, 2012

My Inlaws come to visit.

Sunday lunch - Oh . . . and Huh . . .Is the weekend already over ? ? ?

The "Iron-Man" Gert at Kabeljous lagoon.

Marina waiting for Gert to "get-up".

Marguerite's End of Year function.

My wife's work colleagues decided to have the year's end function at Fairy Hotel on the banks of Gamtoos river near the mouth. I know this place but forgot how nice it is. I will definitely go more often there.

Gamtoos river.

Marguerite's work colleagues and their partners.

Presents handing ceremony.