28 April, 2006

The very first paraglider winching for our club.

Yesterday our club instructor surprised us by asking the club pilots to drive at a nearby airfield as opposed to a suited hill/mountain. Now I ain't a club pilot yet, but I still went to the airfield just to see what is all the fuss about. What a suprise it was to see the instructor next to his vehicle which had a paraglider winch attached at the back. After a 'crash' course - off we went. First the instructor himself and then the older/experienced pilots. At first I was a bit 'afraid' but after watching the others, I had a go. And what a experience it was ! We - the student pilots - took the show over going again and again. Some of us got up to 200m on occasion. I had winched 4 times by the time the sun went down. What a day !
First paraglider winching for Hawkwind club

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