04 April, 2007

Another day with the eagles.

Another day with the eagles.
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Wed 2007/04/04 16:47 Rondebosh South East And what a day it was. After yesterday's fiasco (lost/dropped my car keys while 380+metre up), I flew for about half a hour up and down the ridge. At one time I managed to fly with 2 black eagles which nest nearby. I am always perplexed how a 'bird brain' manage to find the thermals (rising bubbles of warm air) without any instrumentation. The picture shows part of the highest peak at Rondebosh. (about 200m above the surrounding plains and 430m asl).
Also earlier in the day I've managed to find the keys I've dropped the day before ! Now that's no mean feat considering the size of the area and the vegetation. Of course the GPS come in very handy (I've back tracked the whole flight - on foot !)
Greetings from South Africa,

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carol said...

haha I like how you have one foot in the picture. flying with eagles, that's really neat... and you found your keys! wow!