21 July, 2007

Paragliding at Rondebosch.

Paragliding at Rondebosch.
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Sat 21/07/2007 15:37 Mario and the Eagle at Rondebosh. Nico, a new buddy of mine, asked me during the past week, to fly my paraglider at a nearby hill. He is keen to learn more about the sport and would like to see a 'demo' flight.
The conditions were not 'ideal' but stil safe enough for a 'quicky'. In a moment of inspiration I did hand him over my camera and asked him to take a few pictures. While I regulardly take pictures when I fly, I have very few pics of me flying.
The eagle you see behind my glider is a 'local' and don't get fooled by the apparent proximity. The camera had a 10x zoom and it was fully 'on'.

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