05 December, 2008

Zeus,My Dobe

This is one of the last pictures I have. He was such a wonderfull animal. Here are a few facts about him: Born - 1999-05-02, Obedience training begin - 1999-10-07, Tracking training begin 2000-04-03, First successfull tracking - 2000-11-14, Longest successfull tracking - 6,5 km and 2 criminals arrested - 2006-06-17, Dagga/cocaine/crack training begin - 2000-09-01,First detection (dagga) - 2001-01-04, Fastest 4km run - 5min 12sec on 2003-06-30, Weight average 50kg/110pound, Biggest canine tooth lengt - 25 mm, Total nr. of arrests where involved - 72, Nr. of times got hurt by criminals while on duty - 4, Nr. of innocent people bitten in his entire life - 2. Dead on 2006-02-17 because heat stroke while on a training run in 38deg C. The animal basicaly carried on executing the command (fast run) around the track,until dead. And yes,the owner/instructor feels very guilty till this day. Simply IRREPLACEABLE !

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