25 May, 2009

Emerei upset.

Emerei upset.
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Mon 2009/05/09 15:29 Today we went to the local Mall. My eldest daughter wanted a cell phone. Of course she won't get one untill she is bigger. Now, how on Earth does a dad explain this to a child? When I was her age (some 30+ years ago), I did not even dream about stuff like that. I must have been about twice her age, when my dad got me a walk-man. And no, I did never go on and on and on about not getting it, like she does. I was happy with what I had and trust me, it wasn't much.


pete said...

oh come on... you've got you PG toys. give her a phone! My daughter gets my and my missus' old phones after our 24 month contracts are up!

Mario said...

Well, I too decided to give her my old cell. A few months ago, I did asked for her school report to improve by 10%. At the end of the 2-nd quarter (june), It went up by 14%. I never thought she will do it.