08 November, 2009

Hard Drive sizes.

Hard Drive sizes., originally uploaded by gomario.

Sun 2009/11/08 08:27 Six Hard Drive Form Factors. If I think back, to the early 80's, when I began with computers (programming in Basic, Assembly and C - later C++), I had a mighty 20MB hard drive from IBM. I was the envy of my colleagues (the only had the old 10MB and some had none). Today we are in the 21st century. Not even in my dreams I though one day I will have 2x4TB drives in my desktop PC. How much is that? . . . Hmmm . . . Just over 400000 drives I had in 1982. If one considers, my old hard drive was just under a pound heavy, it means I needed about 4 x 50 Ton trucks, if I want to take my desktop to the office. And that's just for the hard drives! :-)

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