27 December, 2009

My new Cyber4 L wing.

My new Cyber4 L wing., originally uploaded by gomario.

Sun 2009/12/27 18:36 2009-12-27 Cyber4 L. After a few days of strong wind, I managed to get a bit of ground handling done with my new wing. Is a basic rated paraglider which I am going to use for paramotoring too. It is better behaved then my previous one (the golden2). However, I already see a problem - the Cyber4, been a basic rated design, tends to hang back a bit more. Shouldn't be a major issue though, now that I am aware of it. I will post a bit more as soon as I have had a flight. For paragliding should be ideal - very safe and well behaved, even for a basic rated wing. Obviously, I do not expect much performance wise. In my case, safety is more important. After all, I only fly 20-30 hours a year (if that much)

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