27 May, 2010

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Sat 2010/05/22 13:31 @Brian, memristors are indeed very 'intriguing' devices (at least what AI is concerned). I am very disappointed to see little if any proper research done in pattern recognition computing. This might just turn out to be the ‘Rosetta Stone’, regarding intelligence in general and AI in particular. ‘Pattern computing’ is such a powerful tool when it comes to ‘fussy logic’ (like in AI). You don’t need all the complexity and coordination of a digital device and more important, you don’t have to know about, and control each and every bit of information, as we do with today’s computers. I don’t want to go into details, but pattern recognition, will change the way humanity thinks about computing. Intelligence will eventually emerge as a welcomed byproduct. Unfortunately at this stage, our computing needs are driven by economics and there is no room for other ways of doing it (at least not for now). However, very hi transistor integration (on a molecular scale), will increase the need for other forms of data representation and computation. Von Neuman architecture is well suited for today’s computing needs, but not so well for AI. That, plus the discovery of new materials and components like memristors, will make in the years to come, the implementation of pattern recognition computing, an unavoidable step. As to when that transition might happen, is everybody’s guess. Honestly, I wonder if I really want to be around. Certainly, mind bending ideas and wonderful discoveries will come to light once it is implemented. Without making a big fuss, I sincerely hope, AI will not be humanity’s LAST discovery.

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