06 July, 2010

In the Army now . . .

My son Michael got himself some 'camouflage' clothing to wear, while 'working' on his Grandfather cattle ranch in Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape, South Africa. I remembered, I too had some old 'camo' clothing. I got that while doing border patrols in the Kruger National Park as part of my police training. That was a 'dark chapter' of South African history. The Lebombo hills are part of North-Eastern boundary between Mozambique and South Africa. In those years, terrorists (or freedom fighters - depending on which site you were on), used to infiltrate South Africa from Mozambique. We did regular patrols along the electrified border fence, in searing heat, with all sorts of wild animals around us. Now, back to present day, and after a hour or so of searching, I managed to find the clothes in a old box I kept in a corner in the garage. It brought back lots of memories. Almost 20 years has gone by. A long time in everybody's terms. Things have change a lot since then . . . Thanks God, my son does not have to worry about things I had to worry in my youth.

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