02 March, 2011

Our new TV.

Right on my eldest daughter's birthday (11 years), my 11year old Samsung tv decided to go :-( I could not believe my bad luck. A few days before that, my 150litres hot water boiler busted and 11 days earlier my wife's car (the starter) broke. I did explain to my children, unless a miracle happens, we won't get a new tv until April,when my wife receives her yearly salary bonus. Well, more or less a miracle did happened. Our insurance paid out for the water boiler and TV! They even offered to buy me a new TV at a very reasonable price. I did pay 5000 Rand back in 1999 for the old one and I was prepared to pay the same amount this time around. Now here it is. A 55in lcd logik tv set :-) Yeah baby, just believe in miracles . . .

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