13 February, 2012

Picture near my field landing.

A few weeks ago I did run out of fuel, while returning from a epic flight at a nearby water dam. It was only 3Km from 'home' but the terrain was so difficult and remote, it took me hours to get any help. The fact that it got dark while walking with the motor on my back, did not help either. Anyway, while looking over my old track logs, I saw the one flight from last year, which had a similar return path. I quickly checked for pictures I took during that flight and  guess what: One single picture was taken and it was at the exact spot (+-150m) from where I was forced to land. The only difference was the altitude :-) Should I have had this height while my engine cut off, I should have easily glided the 3KM to home. WTF This is life :-) 

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