18 January, 2014

My Home town from 1000m up

It was a nice, 70min flight. I knew it will be a bit turbulent and as usual, the W-NW wind did not disappoint. But I also knew what I have to do to make the flight enjoyable :D After taking off I climbed to 500m. There was still some turbulence so I went even higher. At about 700m I crossed the inversion layer. What a pleasure. With the turbulence gone, I could concentrate in taking some 50 odd pics. Below are a few samples. The flight was uneventful (just as I like it). However, with the sun getting higher and the wind stronger, I knew I will get  a bit of shaking on the way down. Nothing major though. At about 300m I got into a broken thermal. Nothing major once again but for a man like me which hates roller-coasters, even a bit of turbulence is unwanted :D

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