30 January, 2006

Someone just tried to brake into my house !

Can you believe it. While I was busy writing the previous blog (03:19) , three blacks just tried to brake in. The dog (a 50Kg Doberman) barked like mad in the kennel but still one of the thiefs jumped over the 6 foot wall into my yard. I went outside to see what is going on and the criminals jumped back out again and run into the nearby bushes across the road. From this night on I will let the Doberman in the garden at night. In the previous blog I was talking about a picture which did not get posted because of all the commotion. Here it is thou :-) Mario's first flight with own glider

Hey did you know that 1 out of 3 males between 16 and 60, belonging to a certain population group in South Africa, are or have been investigated/interrogated by the police at one time or another because their 'unlawful' behavior ? I work with the crime unit here in my local town and have a few other statistics but can't disclose them because of the 'general crime disclosure moratorium' which has been placed by the South African government to avoid embarrassment, en mass emigration and a drying up of foreign tourists. :-(

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