09 March, 2006

Weekend holiday

After 3-days of safe guarding the local election deep in the savana up the slopes of the Drakensberg mountain, close to the Lesotho border, I've decided to take my family and get away for a long weekend. We went to the Erste River private complex close to the see in a secluded area. I love it here not only because of the indigenous vegetation and clean beaches but also because of its safety. The whole village is guarded and the only entry/exit road is blocked by a 6feet electrically opened security gate. Because only tourists/visitors have access to the premisses, one can safely leave all sorts of items around the house without fearing their 'loss'. Also there are a few bush buck roaming around in broad day light without fear of people ! (No body to kill or snare them.)
Erste River outing
The picture I took in haste thru the sitting room window while watching kricket :-)
Greetings from Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.

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