30 April, 2012

Flying at my Father in law's farm.

I am paramotoring for a few years now, yet never bothered to fly near the farm of my father in law. It is not that far off. About 30miles or 50KM to the west. The previous day I did try to fly there but a nasty and fairly turbulent head wind only let me do about 15Miles/20KM. Gladly my wife agreed to pick me up and give me 'a ride' for the reminder. The next day the weather improved a little and when a few friends of mine decided to fly in the area, I too 'went for it'. I took off fairly late in the afternoon. The scenery was beautiful. Due to the wind coming over the mountains, the air was a bit turbulent but within reason and so, I had a very nice flight just short of a hour. How I wished I had a nice video camera to tape it all. For now though a few pics, hastily taken with my old and trusted cell phone, will have to do.

Chris been helped to takeoff on his second flight ever! He is a big man of 115KG (250pound). He is using a tandem paramotor and got off the ground rather nicely. He is a good paraglider pilot and now a paramotor one too :-)

This is part of my father in law's farm, with the N2 interstate road in the background. The road basically cuts the farm in two.

 Some more Tsitsikamma dams. This entire area is well known for the diary farms. Note the green grass all over. It is used to feed the 1000's of cattle.

This is a 'close-up' of one of the many milking stations. Twice a day the cattle are herded inside where machines are doing the milking job :-)

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