10 May, 2012

Some pics from my local 'Airfield'.

Last Sunday morning, two of my buddies from a nearby rural town, came to fly in my area. The weather was nice for flying with no wind at ground level. (although there was a 25Km/h Easterly blowing above 500ft (150m) altitude. I took off first and went into a circular pattern while waiting for the others to 'get up'. Unfortunately, because of zero wind on the ground, they never managed to take off, however I used the 'waiting time' to take a few pics of my local airfield. Usually I spend little time in the area. (Only during takeoff and when I come-in to land)

My friend Gert's wing lying on the ground. He never managed to 'get up' though :-(

General view of my 'home turf'. Note the cut grass where the local aero modeling club use to take off and land. The airstrip is about 100ft by 10ft wide. (30m x 3m)

Checking the parking bay at Twisters (bottom right). Usually is full of cars - not on a Sunday morning though :-)

Looking to the South. About 2Km away is my friend Van Rooyen's house.My Nokia N8 cell phone has a very good camera. Even when I zoom-in, somehow manages to keep-up the rather good picture quality.

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